Weddings at Crystal Peaks Church

Weddings at CPC might be best described as ‘traditional’.  We follow familiar patterns of prayer, singing, bible readings, vows and a short blessing (a talk from our pastor).  The whole service will take about 45 minutes.  To support the bride and groom, we will meet them on four occasions:

  1. To get to know our pastor and talk through the elements of a Christian wedding and why they are important.
  2. To plan the service and get an understanding of the Christian faith that underpins everything we do.
  3. The rehearsal – usually in the week before the wedding.
  4. The big day – when we will be on our toes to make sure that everything goes without a hitch.

For every bride and groom, this is only the start and everyone at CPC is on hand to advise and support the newly-weds at any time.  There is no obligation to attend CPC after your wedding but, should you wish to join us at any time, you’ll get a very warm welcome.

Our fees, which include the whole service, music, steward and the services of the pastor for all the above is £395 for weddings in 2021 and £425 for weddings in 2022.

To get in touch, contact us.