Martin Daniels, Pastor

Having trained in London Theological Seminary, Martin was one of the founding members of CPC.

Serving as an elder initially, Martin took on the role of Pastor in April 2017.  As well as using his spiritual skills to guide the church, his building skills came to the fore when he oversaw (and did much of the work) during the church refurbishment in 2020.

Married to Jenny, his other claim to fame is to probably have more grandchildren than the rest of the church put together!

Rob James, Elder

A Loughborough lad who came to study Software Engineering in Sheffield and met the love of his life, Rob is a founder member of CPC.

Rob leads a home group and works with the CPC tech team, although he confesses to enjoying serving people much more than playing with sound and computers.

Rob and Emma have two children and care for Rob’s mum who lives with them.

David Thornhill-Smith, Assistant Pastor

Married to Lisanne, David is serving both CPC and Wycliffe Church in a role that is thought to be unique.  Working in blocks of 4 months at each church, David is “enjoying” the significant differences between a city-centre church with a 100+ year heritage and an outlying Sheffield community with a church born in 2013. We keep telling him that he must ‘write the book’ when his two-year stint in this role is over!

Steve Horton, Associate Pastor

An elder at Wycliffe Church, Steve joined the staff team in 2012 as church planter.

Working with Martin Daniels from the start, Steve’s job was the establish a new church, get it running reasonably smoothly and them help appoint a pastor – which was achieved in April 2017.

Steve also serves the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (EFCC) as a Ministry Co-ordinator, supporting EFCC churches in the West Midlands and North Wales.