Coronavirus and God

National crises often cause men and women to think about God.  There are many recorded incidents of previously antagonistic soldiers turning to God in the trenches.  A national crisis can have a profound effect on people.  But what of a universal crisis?  A pandemic?  No-one knows how people will respond because nobody has experienced anything like Covid-19.

Christians are certain that God is involved in every aspect of life.  Even the Coronavirus pandemic.  For the non-Christian, that may be difficult to believe.  That is why we are posting a series of short videos under the banner title, Coronavirus and God.  Most will be presented by Steve Horton, one of our leaders with extra thoughts from Pastor Martin Daniels.  They’ll probably take something from a recent news feed to get you thinking.  They won’t be trying to brainwash you, rather posing some thoughts for you to ponder.

These clips are only about 5 minutes long.  If you’d like something more substantial to help you think about God, why not visit our sermons page?  [Any sermon from 05 April onwards is in video format and was preached in an empty hall under lockdown restrictions.] 

If you’d like to raise a question  (we don’t promise to have all the answers!), just use our contacts page and get in touch.