Who’s preaching?

At CPC, we usually preach in a systematic, expository manner – which means that we work our way through a particular book of the Bible and teach what it is saying.  At the moment we are considering Exodus on Sunday mornings and we are looking at the book of Revelation each Sunday afternoon.

Every time we look at scripture together, we try hard to discover what the passage has to say to Christians and to non-Christians.  So, whether you have been a Christian for fifty years or whether you are still making your mind up about the truth of the Christian faith, you should find something to help you in every sermon.  And if you don’t – please tell us!

DateMorning ServiceAfternoon Service
21 OctoberMartin DanielsJohn Lintern
Caring For Life, Leeds
28 October Martin DanielsTom Brand
04 NovemberSteve HortonGerald Tanner
11 NovemberMartin DanielsSteve Horton
18 NovemberMartin DanielsSteve Horton
25 NovemberSteve HortonSteve Horton