Special Events

Several times through the year we have ‘special events’. These events are held in various places, such as our own building, our allotment, Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre etc.

So far this year we have the following special activities planned:

17th April: Easter Ladies Evening.  A chance for women of all ages to get together to enjoy some craft, refreshments and think about the real meaning of Easter.  For this event, there is a small charge, to cover the cost of your craft materials. This will be held at the church.

15th June: Family Fun Afternoon. A chance for all ages to enjoy some fun games and some refreshments together at the church.

13th July: Beighton Gala. We’ll be running a stall, you can just come and rest your legs and have a chat. We’ll have some refreshments available or just bring something from another stall to eat while enjoying a chance to sit down in the shade (or out of the rain!). https://www.beightongala.com/

21st September: Curry & Quiz Night.  Surprisingly, this is a quiz night and we’ll serve curry!  Teams of between 4 and 6 are welcome.  Call Steve on 07903 416 083 if you’d like to enter (and to make sure we have enough curry).